THE SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION by C. Wright Mills, New York: Oxford University, Press, 1967 Widely read by generations of students studying sociology, this classic introduction explores the dynamic relationships between biography and social structure.

CASTE, CLASS AND RACE: A STUDY IN SOCIAL DYNAMICS by Oliver C. Cox, New York: Modern, Reader/Monthly Review Press, 1970

Considered one of the most authoritative works on the role caste, class, and race have had on societies throughout human history. Cox, a black sociologist, includes an analysis of the race problem in America.

APPLIED SOCIOLOGY by Howard Freeman, et al., San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1983

This collection of essays outlines the broad range of occupations individuals trained as sociologists pursue, and provides guidelines for the educational preparation necessary to gain employment in applied sociology. March 12: Sociologist Daniel Bell March 19: Economist Alice Rivlin March 26: Anthropologist Eric Wolf April 2: Political Scientist Thomas Ferguson April 9: Economist Murray Weidenbaum April 23: Demographer Samuel Preston April 30: Psychologist M.Brewster Smith May 7: Conclusion: The social sciences in the 21st century

For a copy of this series, send $3 with your name and address to: The Christian Science Monitor P-410, 1 Norway St., Boston, MA 02115. Discounts available for quantity orders.

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