FOR ALL MANKIND - Documentary about NASA's conquest of the moon, filmed ``on location'' during nine lunar expeditions. Directed by journalist Al Reinert, who spliced the movie together from six million feet of available footage. The result is more pictorial than instructive, and after ``The Right Stuff'' it's hard to treat this subject without a bit of irony. But it's still an inspiring and sometimes awesome film. Brian Eno did the music. (Not rated). NEW YEAR'S DAY - A disillusioned 45-year-old spends a holiday with three younger women he's just met, and most of the characters are a teensy bit wiser when it's over. Written and directed by Henry Jaglom, who also plays the aging yuppie. It's exactly like his other recent films: insanely talky and clumsily edited, yet occasionally humorous and likable despite the odds. Movie director Milos Forman and Jaglom regular Michael Emil liven up the show in supporting roles. (Not rated).

A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM - As dark a comedy as we're ever likely to see, about an executive who decides that murder is the key to success in the corporate jungle. Michael Caine gives the most ferocious comic performance of his career, while Elizabeth McGovern is deliciously understated as the ``sorceror's apprentice'' who unwittingly helps him. Peter Riegert as his boss, Swoozy Kurtz as his wife, and Will Patton as a cop round out the excellent cast. Directed by Jan Egleson, who gives the action an appropriately off-kilter atmosphere. Too bad Andrew Klavan's screenplay isn't a little more substantial. (Rated R).

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