Summary of US Sanctions

Congressional sanctions ban: 1. New corporate investment in South Africa; new loans to government agencies. 2. US bank loans to South African government agencies; accepting deposits from any South African government agency. 3. US imports of South African steel, iron, uranium, coal, Krugerrand gold coins, textiles, and agricultural products. 4. US exports to South Africa of crude oil and computers to agencies enforcing apartheid. 5. US landing rights for South Africa Airways.

An executive order by President Reagan bans: 1. New US loans to any ``apartheid-enforcing agency.'' 2. Import of Krugerrands. 3. Export of computers to agencies enforcing apartheid. 4. Export of technology for nuclear production facilities.

Conditions for lifting congressional sanctions (the first must be met, plus any three of the others): 1. Free Nelson Mandela and all other political prisoners detained unduly and without trial. 2. End state of emergency; release all detainees held under state of emergency. 3. Lift ban on democratic political groups such as the African National Congress; permit the free exercise of the right to form political parties, express political opinions, and otherwise participate in the political process. 4. Repeal the Group Areas Act and the Population Registration Act; institute no other measures with the same purposes. 5. Agree to enter into good-faith negotiations with truly representative members of the black majority without preconditions.

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