Aussie Champs at Wimbledon

A VIVID measure of the wax and wane of Australian tennis prominence may be seen in the names of the men's singles winners at Britain's Wimbledon tournament. (Australians are noted in bold type.) 1960 Neale Fraser 1961 Rod Laver 1962 Rob Laver 1963 Chuck McKinley 1964 Roy Emerson 1965 Roy Emerson 1966 Manuel Santana 1967 John Newcombe 1968 Rod Laver 1969 Rod Laver 1970 John Newcombe 1971 John Newcombe 1972 Stan Smith 1973 Jan Kodes 1974 Jimmy Connors 1975 Arthur Ashe 1976 Bjorn Borg 1977 Bjorn Borg 1978 Bjorn Borg 1979 Bjorn Borg 1980 Bjorn Borg 1981 John McEnroe 1982 Jimmy Connors 1983 John McEnroe 1984 John McEnroe 1985 Boris Becker 1986 Boris Becker 1987 Pat Cash 1988 Stefan Edberg 1989 Boris Becker Source: The World Almanac

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