Test Your News Nose for 1989


1.) What is George Bush's full name? 2.) Name the two scientists that allegedly created fusion in a jar.

3.) What was the penalty imposed by the baseball commissioner on Pete Rose?

4.) What summer movie received widespread criticism for the high-pressure, commercial hype surrounding its release?

5.) Name a former senator and a former congressman from Texas who were involved in recent political scandals.

6.) What rock-and-roll band staged a dramatic comeback tour in the US, in which an estimated 3 million people saw them perform?

7.) How many years has Nelson Mandela been in prison?

8.) What is the name of James Michener's novel that is only 244 pages long?

9.) Known as the ``Queen of Folk,'' this singer celebrated her 30th year of performing.

10.) What member of the Bush family owns property in China? 11.) Who is the political figure in the photograph above?

12.) During the past year, what Soviet and Romanian female gymnasts made US news headlines?

13.) How many years has Terry Anderson been held hostage in the Middle East?

14.) Whom did Dan Quayle address as ``happy campers''?

15.) What Latin American president spent seven years in prison for bank robbery?

16.) What famous toy turned 30 this year?

17.) This year's Japanese sumo wrestling champion hails from which state?

18.) What Chinese ``dissident'' is still being sheltered in the US embassy in Beijing?

19.) What children's television show marked its 20th anniversary season?

20.) Who was the late artist whose controversial photographs caused the hotly contested reexamination of federal funding of the arts?

21.) Who was recently elected president of Argentina?

22.) Who won the prestigious Eighth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition?

23.) Name the ``Keating five.''

24.) What actor bit his film director recently?

25.) What percentage of congressional representatives are women?

26.) Which team dethroned the Los Angeles Lakers as the champions of the National Basketball Association?

27.) What was the name of Spike Lee's latest controversial film?

28.) What did Chad Brenner, 8, of Rockville, Md., say when the IRS mistakenly refunded him $39,541.55?

ANSWERS (no early-bird peeking) 1.) George Herbert Walker Bush; 2.) Chemists B. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann; 3.) Banned for life from baseball, although he can apply for reinstatement after one year; 4.) ``Batman''; 5.) Speaker of the House Jim Wright and Sen. John Tower; 6.) The Rolling Stones; 7.) 26; 8.) ``Journey''; 9.) Joan Baez; 10.) Prescott Bush (George's brother); 11.) Lech Walesa; 12.) Olga Korbut of the Soviet Union and Nadia Comaneci of Romania; 13.) Five; 14.) The Samoans; 15.) Daniel Ortega Saavedra; 16.) The Barbie doll; 17.) Hawaii; 18.) Fang Lizhi; 19.) Sesame Street; 20.) Robert Mapplethorpe; 21.) Carlos Sa'ul Menem; 22.) 19-year-old Aleksei Sultanov from the USSR; 23.) Sens. Alan Cranston, John Glenn, Don Riegle, Dennis DeConcini, John McCain; 24.) Bart, star bear in ``The Bear''; 25.) Five; 26.) Detroit Pistons; 27.) ``Do the Right Thing''; 28.) ``Can I get a new bike?''

Scoring: 25-28 - Bravo! You're a 5-star news junkie!; 15-25 - Very good! Treat yourself to a lemon meringue pie; 5-15 - Watch less TV, read more; 0-5 - Go back to high school.

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