THE GANG OF FOUR - Jacques Rivette is one of Europe's greatest and most undervalued filmmakers. This drama, about a group of young actresses and their teacher, deals with two of his favorite themes: the danger of conspiracies, and the thin line between life in the world and life on the theater stage. The cinematic style is too attenuated for this to be called a Rivette masterpiece, but it periodically recalls such brilliant works as his ``L'Amour fou'' and ``Out One: Spectre.'' (Not rated) SHE-DEVIL - She's an ordinary homemaker at first, but when her husband runs off with a glamorous author, she starts lusting for revenge. Meryl Streep gives her ditziest performance ever, and Roseanne Barr does a good job of letting her character's personality grow during the story. Still, the movie is little more than a comic strip in motion, directed with commendable vigor by Susan Seidelman. (Rated PG-13)

THE WAR OF THE ROSES - Mrs. Rose falls out of love with Mr. Rose, and their relationship turns into full-scale combat, with their fashionable home as the battleground. The story is slight, but director Danny DeVito keeps it hopping from first shot to last, and Stephen Burum's cinematography gives a velvety atmosphere to the ridiculous goings-on. The ending is especially inventive, managing to be sour, cynical, sentimental, and upbeat at the same time. (Rated R)

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