More Deaths in Romania

A ROMANIAN city where witnesses say security forces slaughtered hundreds of anti-government protesters is now described as an armed camp, with tanks parked on its outskirts and police vans cruising its streets. On Tuesday night the Yugoslav state news agency Tanjug quoted one witness as saying there were reports of up to 2,000 killed in Timisoara - many of them children. Because Romania's hard-line Communist leaders have virtually sealed off their borders, most reports of violence in the town have come from people who have left the country.

Tanjug news agency said students in Bucharest, Romania's capital, supported the protests and that security had been tightened in that city.

There have also been unconfirmed reports of unrest in the Romanian cities of Arad and Brasov.

Tanjug said: ``Some travelers say that in Timisoara, police are brutally fighting demonstrators, mostly young people. Unconfirmed reports speak of large numbers of victims.'' Q-30-{et

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