The second round of East-West German government talks produced an agreement almost as significant for the two Germanys as the Nov. 9 breaching of the Berlin Wall. With the Wall open, East Germany's 16 million people were free to travel to the West for the first time since 1961.

Now the 60 million West Germans are free from Jan. 1 to go to East Germany without visas and without being forced to change their hard currency for East German marks at an exorbitant rate.

Bonn Chancellery Minister Rudolf Seiters told reporters that ``after 45 years there will again be virtual freedom of movement from West to East and East to West.''

The agreement and an announcement that West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl would visit East Germany Dec. 19, emerged from talks in East Berlin Tuesday between Mr. Seiters and the Communist-led government.

To avoid protocol difficulties involved in an East Berlin visit, Mr. Kohl will go to Dresden for talks with Prime Minister Hans Modrow, who was party leader in that city before he took over the central government a month ago.

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