Civic Forum Talks With Prague Officials

AFTER a nationwide general strike on Monday, the opposition group Civic Forum called off further strikes as it entered formal negotiations yesterday with the Czechoslovak government about this country's future. The strike, which involved millions of people all over the nation, including the country's biggest factories, further strengthened the hand of Civic Forum leaders before yesterday's talks with Prime Minister Ladislav Adamec.

These negotiations could be long and difficult, and they could include calls for the resignation of Mr. Adamec if he is not ready to meet opposition demands.

These demands include a pluralistic society and free elections.

The opposition group will not terminate its activities until free elections are held, Civic Forum leader Jiri Dienstbier said at a press conference Monday night.

``We shall not go back or compromise,'' Civic Forum spokesman Vaclav Maly promised another huge crowd on Wenceslas Square in central Prague on Monday. ``We will keep a strike alert throughout all of the country. We will not be satisfied with promises, and we are prepared to strike again.''

The decision to ask students to cease their strike was made because there is a need for a cooling down of emotions, according to Mr. Maly.

Meanwhile, Civic Forum will create a coordinating center to monitor future development, and it appealed to all the strike committees to change into local chapters of Civic Forum. A national meeting with all these chapters will be held soon.

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