COMMUNION - A novelist is abducted by extraterrestrials who probe him, examine him, and plunk him back into his home, leaving him confused and skeptical, but not too skeptical to write a book about it. The movie chronicles the allegedly true experiences of Whitley Strieber, who based the screenplay on his own best-seller. Christopher Walken and Lindsay Crouse lend as much credibility as they can to the main roles, and the film's portrayal of strained family life has some effective moments. Still, the picture seems pretty silly most of the time. Directed by Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora. (Rated R) LOOK WHO'S TALKING - A young woman gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy, and the movie's gimmick is that we hear the baby's thoughts and comments on the sound track. Kirstie Alley is lively as the heroine, but everything else in this popular comedy, directed by Amy Heckerling, is incredibly stupid. The only noteworthy thing is how eagerly the film hurls insults at all kinds of people: Accountants are boring; elderly people are senile; Italian-Americans are boorish; and so forth. It's enough to make you insult the movie right back! (Rated PG-13) THE SECOND ANIMATION CELEBRATION: THE MOVIE - An anthology of 24 cartoons from half-a-dozen countries, selected from more than 1,500 entries in the Los Angeles International Animation Celebrations. Some are weak, but a few, including brief ``Simpson Family'' cartoons already seen on American television, are quite funny. (Not rated)

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