School Bells Ring Again In British `Danger Zones'

RECOGNIZING the national importance of maintaining uninterrupted education for children, the Government has decided to reopen as soon as possible some of the schools in the ``danger zones'' for the benefit of the 75,000 children who never left these areas under the voluntary evacuation plan or who returned after a brief spell away. Administrators are treading warily along the altered course which has been forced upon them by the failure of the parents to take advantage of, or give sustained support to, the Government scheme of removing 1,500,000 children from congested towns to the country or the seaside and there arranging for the board, lodging , and education. ...

Explaining the new measures and the difficulties which have made them necessary, Earl De La Warr, President of the Board of Education, declared in the House of Lords yesterday that the English people do not like running away from danger, but that is no reason for denying children the safety to which all children are surely entitled.

The Monitor is looking back at the events of World War II.

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