Portfolios for AP Studio Arts are put together and submitted according to College Board specifications. One of two types of portfolios is selected by the student: drawing or general. Each follows the same basic format, with some minor differences.

Both portfolios are divided into three categories: original works, concentration, and breadth. The concentration and breadth portions are submitted in the form of slides.

For the original works, students submit actual pieces of their art, with the only constraint being that they fit into the 16 x 20 inch portfolio provided by the Educational Testing Service. A drawing portfolio must contain six works and the general portfolio four. Any medium may be used and pieces may or may not be related.

For the concentration portion, the artist is asked to choose an artistic problem or issue and pursue it in depth. The student may submit a maximum of 20 slides, with no minimum. The student is also asked to answer three questions relating to the chosen concentration. The questions and responses have no effect on the grading process.

The breadth portion is designed to determine whether the student is able to work with a range of artistic problems and media. A drawing portfolio must contain a minimum of 14 slides, with no more than three dealing with the same problem or focus. A general submission must contain eight slides of drawings; four slides of two- or three-dimensional works, with the main emphasis being use of color: four slides of design work (two- or three-dimensional); and two slides of each of two sculptures.

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