Bosch Tries to Dispel Allegations of Marxism

`NO one can say that I am a member of the Communist Party. In the Dominican Republic, the Communist Party accuses me of being a facist. I have studied Marx to understand the role of the economy in politics. Does this make me a Marxist?'' The speaker, Juan Bosch, hopes to dispel what he calls myths concerning his alleged Marxist beliefs. In talks earlier this month with politicians, policy groups, and the press in Washington, the candidate for the presidency of the Dominican Republic offered as evidence the platform of his Dominican Liberation Party.

If elected, he says, one of his first steps would be to withdraw 5 billion pesos from circulation.

The current government, under blind President Joaquin Balaguer, has devalued the Dominican currency to six pesos to the dollar ``but the black market value of the dollar in Santo Domingo is even higher than that,'' says Bosch.

Bosch also promises to severely curb government spending.

``When the government invests millions of pesos to construct buildings or a new race track, it is totally opposite of what the government should do,'' the former president says. The government should instead help to boost the country's agricultural production and attend to the ship-shod public services.

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