Saga of Seas In Flint Run

WHILE the British and German admiralties waged an engrossing battle of strategy over the vanished ship City of Flint today, with high stakes of naval prestige involved, the United States prepared to hold Russia to account for what is believed here to be a trumped-up pretext for ``repairing'' the vessel in a neutral port and releasing it to the prize crew. Following are the latest developments in this complicated saga of the high seas:

1. The ship itself moved like a pawn, its whereabouts unknown, between the opposing strategies of the oversea British and the undersea German Naval powers. ...

2. The plans of the German Admiralty were the subject of absorbed speculation. ...

3. The State Department issued a formal statement over the week end outlining the available facts on the City of Flint incident, and implying in the broadest fashion that the ship may have been held and released from the Russian port of Murmansk under improper claims that it was unseaworthy.

4. The conduct of the Geman Government with respect to the City of Flint has not been irregular thus far.

The Monitor is looking back at the events of World War II.

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