Editorial/Opinion Page Corrections

The Friday Oct. 20 Editorial Page cartoon on the California earthquake was published in error because of a production mistake. The Monitor did not intend to make light of the very difficult circumstances faced by residents in the area. The column ``Blame US Productivity, Not Overseas Labor,'' Oct. 3, referred to ``inspired democratizing efforts by the Teamsters.'' It should have read: ``... the similarly inspired efforts by the Teamsters for a Democratic Union to democratize the Teamsters.'' The same column stated: ``Management efforts are not directed to defending its position from profit-seeking raiders through ESOPs, `green-mail,' stock repurchase plans, `golden parachutes,' and government legislation.'' The authors actually wrote, ``Management efforts are now directed to....''

The column ``Abuse in Guatemala,'' Oct. 11, said that the US had ``ended a decade-long suspension of lethal arms sales to Guatemala by licensing the commercial purchase of 16,000 M16-A2 rifles for $3.8 million.'' The correct figure is $13.8 million.

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