QUEEN OF HEARTS - To escape an undesired marriage, a young Italian woman flees to London with the man she really loves. Although they establish a happy family and a thriving business there, happiness is tarnished by the jilted lover's threat of revenge. The story has possibilities that never amount to much in this generally luckluster comedy-drama. Directed by Jon Amiel, who made ``The Singing Detective'' for British television but shows less inspiration here. Tony Grisoni wrote the screenplay. (Not rated) TOM JONES - When classic films are reissued nowadays, the director often replaces footage that was trimmed from the original release. In this case, though, director Tony Richardson has actually lopped off a few minutes, making the movie a bit tighter and leaner than it was in 1963. It was never a great picture, but it does a good job of condensing Henry Fielding's clever novel, and Albert Finney's performance is a marvel of exuberance. (Not rated)

TRUE LOVE - The joys and troubles (mostly troubles) of a young Italian-American couple, about to be married, raising such questions as: Does a guy have to spend his wedding night with his bride, or it okay to go out with the guys? Not much happens in the movie, but its portrait of Bronx folkways and mores is touching and amusing by turns, and the main performances are right on target. Directed by newcomer Nancy Savoca from a screenplay she wrote with Richard Guay. (Not rated)

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