A Panama Chronology

June 6, 1987 - First antigovernment protests suppressed by police following accusations against Noriega of electoral fraud and political murder by former Panama Defense Forces commander Col. Roberto D'iaz Herrera. June 10 - State of Emergency declared by President Eric Arturo Delvalle. Opposition to Noriega announces creation of Civic Crusade. Street protests are crushed brutally. June 26 - US calls for a return to democracy in Panama and threatens to cut off aid. July 26 - Opposition press is shut down. Feb. 4, 1988 - A federal grand jury in Miami indicts Noriega on drug and racketeering charges. Feb. 25 - Delvalle tries to fire Noriega, but is ousted himself and goes into hiding. Manuel Solis Palma, a Noriega ally, is appointed president. March 4 - Panama closes banks after massive withdrawals. March 16 - Noriega puts down coup attempt led by police chief. March 28 - Noriega forces beat and arrest journalists and oppostion leaders after a large anti-Noriega march. April 6 - US announces economic sanctions and freezes $56 million in Panamanian funds in US banks. May 25 - US Secretary of State George Shultz announces collapse of talks on a deal for Noriega's departure. May 26 - Noriega addresses National Assembly to condemn American meddling in Panamanian affairs. Sept. 27 - Solis Palma condemns US ``aggression'' against Panama at UN General Assembly meeting. April 7, 1989 - Panama announces arrest of US citizen accused of running clandestine anti-Noriega radio. Government officials say it is part of a US plot to create unrest after upcoming national elections. May 7 - Elections take place amid charges of fraud by the opposition and observers. May 8 - Government annuls the elections charging ``foreign interference'' by election observers. May 10 - Pro-Noriega civilian militia called ``Dignity Battalions'' attack opposition candidates who are marching to protest the anullment. May 11 - Bush orders 2,000 additional US troops to Panama Sept. 1 - Efforts by Organization of American States to reach a constitutional solution fail. Noriega names unknown bureacrat Francisco Rodr'iguez as president.

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