Refugee Chinese, determined to keep alive the spirit of opposition to the clampdown in China, have begun publishing their own magazine in Britain. Na Han (Outcry) first appeared in late August and is being printed at a secret location in Britain. It is a direct response to the June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre.

Its editorial board, consisting of exiled students and other dissidents, hopes the 80-page bimonthly publication will become a focus of criticism of the Deng Xiaoping regime. They want to keep up pressure for multiparty democracy and human rights in China. They say they will allow arguments in favor of communism, but only if it is a form of communism that permits opposition.

One-third of Na Han's first issue is in English. The remainder consists of Chinese language articles advocating an end to dictatorship, moves toward free institutions, and a worldwide linkup of groups opposed to the current Beijing leadership.

Na Han does not say where it is being printed or who the members of its editorial board are. To subscribe, potential readers must write to a post office box number in Manchester, Britain.

Only one member of the group that launched Na Han has admitted involvement with the magazine. Siyuan Wang, an economist studying at Oxford University, says his colleagues on Na Han fear Chinese officials in Britain will identify them and put pressure on friends and relatives back in China.

Mr. Wang points out that there are about 160,000 Chinese living in Britain. But he concedes that only a small proportion of them are likely to want to read Na Han.

``That is not the point, however. Our first print-run was 5,000 copies, but we plan to distribute the paper in Europe and, it is hoped, North America.''

``The English language portion of Na Han is aimed at officials and politicians as well as diplomatic missions in European capitals and exiled Chinese students around the world.

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