The world's highest-paid entertainer for the second straight year is Michael Jackson, the reigning king of pop music, according to Forbes magazine. The business publication says Jackson earned a total of $125 million in 1988 and 1989. Though he's recorded only two record albums in the last seven years, Bad (1987) and Thriller (1982) combined have sold some 60 million copies, earning him more than $100 million. His ``Bad'' tour alone grossed over $125 million.

Next on Forbes's list of the 40 highest-paid entertainers is Stephen Spielberg, director of this year's hit ``Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.'' He made about $105 million in the two years.

Others ranked by Forbes in the top 10 are Bill Cosby ($95 million for 1988 and 1989), Mike Tyson ($71 million), Charles Schulz ($60 million), Eddie Murphy ($75 million), Pink Floyd ($56 million), the Rolling Stones ($55 million), Oprah Winfrey ($55 million), and George Michael ($47 million).

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