I Have Lost You, My Love

Sinking a Stone Into the Waves

Carried by a turbid wave towards an unknown shore, among black and white flowers, the sun is driving me towards the West, always towards the West of the Great Discoveries where the light sleeps in peace. I have lost you, my love, in the clear waters of a spring, I have lost you, in the tear of a leaf, in a young ray of light, I've lost you in a breeze. Cursed be the day of the Great Departure! Where is my young blood, precious time? Like a lightning bolt fallen in the water I have lost you, in the salt of the ocean I have lost you my love. I listen to the cry of the mountains at night and the rocks fall mumbling your name. I have lost you, my love, in a nourishing circle of light which is now in mourning. Cursed be the day of the Great Departure, Cursed be the turbid wave.... The poems on this page were translated by the poet's daughter, Catalina, except for `In the Depths' which was translated by Christiana Bajenaru. They were originally published in Romanian in a book titled 'In Nobody's Shadow,' by the Liberty Publishing House in New York.

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