I'm Waiting For You, My Beautiful Day

Sinking a Stone Into the Waves

I'm waiting for you, my beautiful day, I feel as though I'm staggering on a bridge made of wax. Down below is the river, muddy and deep, around me just dust and the wind. It seemed as though you were coming and the wind stopped when a warm light from heaven surrounded me. My sadness, a dark cloud Stretched out an arm towards you, and you moved away. Oh, my beautiful day, Only my shadow is left to ponder: ``Oh Lord, why is it that between the sky and water, the light of day can't wander?'' A dark cloud passes, full of snow and carries me away on a sea where the salt of the waves tortures my eyes, yet I still wait for you, my beautiful day. The poems on this page were translated by the poet's daughter, Catalina, except for `In the Depths' which was translated by Christiana Bajenaru. They were originally published in Romanian in a book titled 'In Nobody's Shadow,' by the Liberty Publishing House in New York.

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