How to Throw a Boomerang

Select a large open space like a playing field. No other people should be within 500 feet of the thrower. Before each throw, check the direction and strength of the breeze because both change often (light breezes up to 3 mph are ideal).

Hold boomerang upright at either tip between one or two fingers and thumb (flat side against the palm), and tilted 10-15 degrees off vertical.

Aim 45 degrees off the approaching breeze - to the right for right-handers, to the left for left-handers.

Throw forward over the shoulder, aiming just above eye level. Increase spin by flicking the wrist, but do not turn the wrist sideways upon release, as this will cause the boomerang to zoom high and crash dive.

Skill is much more important than strength in throwing, so develop technique and control.

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