Trying to Get Along Without Using CFCs

TRY going a day without using the air conditioner, the refrigerator, an automobile, any electronic device, a cushion, a vending machine, a water cooler, a fire extinguisher, a telephone, a teddy bear, contact lenses, ball bearings, and fast food. These are all products that use CFCs either in the manufacturing process or contain the chemical.

The list of products that use CFCs is long. They are used to make rigid foam products such as insulation or fast food ``clam shell'' packages. Automobile dashboards, bicycle seats, and pillows are made with CFCs, which are also the essential ingredient in refrigeration and air conditioning units.

The chemical is used as a cleaning agent for the electronics industry. Hospitals and medical labs make widespread use of the chemical to sterilize instruments. CFCs are used widely in the military, especially in guidance and radar systems. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration uses the chemical as a propellant. And the computer on which this article was written was made with CFCs.

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