CARNIVAL OF SOULS - This fantasy, made in 1962, is having its first major exposure more than 25 years later. Given its low budget, it does a good job of spinning its atmospheric yarn about a young woman who's haunted by mysterious visions after surviving a car accident. But it's too choppy and uneven to be called a classic, despite the enthusiasm of some cultish fans. Directed by Herk Harvey, whose feature-film career began and ended with this picture. (Not rated) TO THE LIMIT - The latest film in the large-screen IMAX format celebrates the human body by studying the gracefulness and skill of a mountain climber, a skier, and a ballerina, intercut with biological footage showing internal organs at work during these activities. Directed by Greg MacGillivray with the purely pictorial energy to which IMAX is naturally suited. (Not rated)

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY... - They're not friends at first, partly because Harry thinks men and women can't be pals, just lovers or nothing at all. Eventually they do get close to each other, but not before a lot of emotional shenanigans with the New York yuppie scene as a background. Directed by Rob Reiner, who borrows a lot of his stylistic ideas from Woody Allen's films. What he forgot to ask Woody for was the keen insight into middle-class folkways that marks the best Allen pictures. Reiner and his stars, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, are better at displaying the foibles of human natures than exploring them. (Rated PG-13)

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