Belated Letter to the Editor - But Never Too Late!

April 3, 1989 Dear Editor,

In the city of Boston, 64 years ago, in July or August, I walked into your offices, near North Street railway station and asked if I could have some papers to sell (I being 7-years old).

I spoke to two female employees, one elderly, the other one very young. The elderly person refused to give me any papers, but on the pleading of the young girl, she persuaded her to give me five newspapers.

I sold two papers and it was very late (in fact dark) when I went to return the unsold papers. The offices were already closed. The next day, my mother would not let me out of her sight, because we were going or moving to New York City.

Many times I thought about writing this letter, because I knew that I had hurt this young girl by violating her trust in me, but kept putting it off for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow until I realized there are a few tomorrows left.

Wherever she is, on earth or in heaven, I ask her to forgive me for my selfishness and thoughtlessness.

Shamefully yours,

Anthony Kulikowski

Bronx, N.Y. Enclosed check for $25 for the papers, balance to children's fund. Editor's Note: Mr. Kulikowski's check was deposited in the Monitor Endowment Fund.

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