ASHIK KERIB - Colorful fable about the quest of an artist for freedom and love, directed in his usual folksy-exotic style by Sergei Paradjanov, a legendary filmmaker from Soviet Georgia who spent years in jail for refusing to conform with sociopolitical norms. (Not rated) COLD FEET - A horse and a cache of stolen jewels are among the ingredients of this rangy comedy-drama, directed by Robert Dornhelm with more energy than real style. (Rated R)

THE JESTER - This ambitious and complex Portuguese drama blends a modern story of love and gun-running with excerpts from a classic play about Portugal's history in the 12th century. Inventively directed by Jos'e Alvaro Morais. ``O Bobo'' is the original Portuguese title. (Not rated)

LETHAL WEAPON 2 - A black cop and a white cop battle an evil South African who uses diplomatic immunity as a shield for criminal activity. Danny Glover and Mel Gibson turn in lively performances, and director Richard Donner has crafted the action with obvious care. The picture is calculated to numb the brain as much it stimulates the senses, though, and it's supercharged with the kind of dehumanizing violence that's the worst poison in today's moviegoing atmosphere. The international aspects of the story do little to deepen it, either, since the screenplay never gets above the ``Rambo'' level of political discourse. (Rated R)

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