COMIC BOOK CONFIDENTIAL - A breezy look at the history of comic books, from their golden age in the 1950s to their attempts at social maturity in the '60s and political sophistication in the '70s and '80s. Directed by Canadian filmmaker Ron Mann with a visual inventiveness and vigor that reflect the spirit of comics at their best. Look out for some raunchy spots in the segments devoted to ``head comics'' and other post-'50s developments, though. (Not rated) GHOSTBUSTERS 2 - Our heroes are up to their old tricks again, battling a stream of slime that responds to human emotions. This film rehashes the ideas tested in the first outing without springing many new tricks on us. In the original movie, it was amazing and amusing to see a giant marshmallow man stalk the streets of Manhattan. The new picture pulls exactly the same stunt with the Statue of Liberty, but the Statue of Liberty isn't funny. Ivan Reitman directed. (Rated PG)

KUNG FU MASTER! - Despite its flashy title, this is a subdued drama about a woman in her mid-40s who falls in love with a teen-age boy. The story is directed with skill and sensitivity, as one expects in an Agn`es Varda film. But it loses in resonance and credibility by exploring its subject entirely from the woman's perspective, taking only a superficial interest in the situation's effect on its younger participant. Jane Birkin plays the leading role and conceived the idea for the film. (Not rated)

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