THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER - A miraculous movie - funny and colorful for children, yet packed with satire and old-movie parodies that'll keep grownups chuckling too. The heroes of this feature-length cartoon are a radio, a lamp, a vacuum cleaner, an electric blanket, and the toaster of the title, all traveling from the country to the city in search of their owner. The animation is inventive; the music is clever; the dialogue is giddy fun. Jerry Rees directed. (Not rated) DEAD POETS SOCIETY - Using lively but unorthodox methods, an English teacher earns loyalty from students but antagonism from parents and administrators at a rigidly conservative New England prep school. Tom Schulman's screenplay has flashes of rare intelligence, and Robin Williams delivers the most controlled performance of his career, putting his manic energy into developing his character instead of indulging his own idiosyncrasies. The plot is awfully predictable, though, and the ending is more sentimental than insightful. Directed by Peter Weir in the capable but conventional style that has marked his last few movies. (Rated PG)

STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER - Captain Kirk is in command twice over this time, since William Shatner directed the movie as well as playing the skipper of the Starship Enterprise, a role he's handled for more than 20 years. The story kicks into high gear when a renegade Vulcan named Sybok takes hostages and forces them into a journey to the center of the galaxy where, he believes, he will meet God and learn to understand the universe. The climax turns out to be more action-packed than spiritual or philosophical, and the movie has only occasional bursts of the warm humor that distinguished ``The Voyage Home,'' the previous ``Star Trek'' sequel. The characters are still marvelous, though, and there's some delicious dialogue.

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