Excerpt from St. George and the Dragon

The lady that did first espy The dreadful dragon coming so Unto St. George aloud did cry,

And willed him away to go; Here comes that cursed fiend, quoth she; That soon will make the end of me.

St. George then looking round about,

The fiery dragon soon espy'd, And like a knight of courage stout,

Against him did most fiercely ride; And with such blows he did him greet, He fell beneath his horse's feet.

For with his launce that was so strong,

As he came gaping in his face, In at his mouth he thrust along;

For he could pierce no other place: And thus within the lady's view This mighty dragon straight he slew.

(From ``Reliques of Ancient English Poetry'' by Thomas Percy, excerpt from ``Saint George and the Dragon.'' Published by Dover Publications, Inc. Reprinted with permission.)

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