Dressage: A prescribed series of maneuvers designed to demonstrate the horse's obedience, submission, and training, and the ability of horse and rider to work together. The horse should proceed smoothly through several difficult movements in response to barely perceptible moves of the rider's hands and legs and shifts in the rider's weight. Three-day event: A multiphase test of equine endurance and versatility, in which the same horse and rider perform a dressage test of moderate difficulty on the first day; an extremely demanding speed and endurance phase - including a steeplechase and cross-country jumping course - on the second day; and a stadium jumping course of moderate difficulty on the final day.

Show jumping: Competition for horse and rider in which each horse is required to jump a series of fences in a prescribed order within a time limit, with penalties imposed for refusing to jump, knocking down fences, or landing in water.

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