College Students' Posters Picture The Earth's Fate. INDIANA UNIVERSITY GRAPHICS PROJECT

World's children are caretakers for tomorrow `FATE'' should be as positive an outcome as negative, with the children the hope of the future. The children of the world are the caretakers of tomorrow, and it is possible for the fate of the world to exist through the open-mindedness of our children. The hands of the children are multicolored to represent all races and overlapping to show unity and equality. The gradated background helps to bring focus and create an atmosphere of uncertainties.

- Elizabeth Lampkin, United States

For Earth's protection, don't rely on technology

THERE is no such thing as protection against nuclear war and to save the fragile earth. The fate of the earth - nuclear holocaust - cannot be solved by other technologies. Even with the best inventions against nuclear war, some missiles will go through. That's what will determine the fate of the earth. The umbrella in my design is a symbol for our feeble attempt to stop our madness. By showing the missiles going through the umbrella reveals the fate to the earth. The dark background suggests death and uncertainty.

- Nora Abdul, Malaysia Lighting a fuse for peace

THE poster is about a visualization of conflicts on Earth, influenced more and more by superpower countries. Red background creates a ``hot'' atmosphere. Earth is a round bomb, strongly supporting my idea of two conflicting superpowers as matches -devices for lighting the fuse of the bomb and sending the earth into dust. Symmetrical composition of the title and illustration gives a formal message that neutralizes the informal form of the illustration without reducing its value. My idea might give warning to restrain ourselves and keep the world in peace.

- Arif Datoum, Indonesia

This is the only planet we have, so we can't keep ignoring the danger

NO matter what our nationality, color, and race, we all live on the same planet. No matter what one thinks of this planet, it is the only one we have. And this is the fact that is ignored deliberately or intentionally by many people. Riding a monobike on a thin rope is definitely something fairly dangerous, while playing missiles indicates explicitly putting jeopardy to an extreme. Though the green part of the earth suggests hope and life, the fate of the earth may be just around the corner, if we still ignore the danger.

- Chien-Chie Chang, Taiwan

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