My and Ed's Peace Proposals

ED and I each have come up with a proposed plan for the cessation of hostilities between the Reagan Administration and our household. Since our plans differ in certain minor respects (Ed taking a somewhat tougher line), we offer both versions, in the hope that they may at least stimulate the Administration to consider negotiations toward ending the past six and a half years of drawn-out mutual aggression and mistrust. This is not a ploy or a farce on our part. We are even putting all our personal problems on the back burner while we press these initiatives.... My plan:

1.Immediate suspension of Elliott Abrams, who will then be reflagged as a Kuwaiti vessel.

2.Unconditional withdrawal of the Bork nomination; Bork allowed to head a Presidential commission on the colorization of film classics....

Ed's plan:

1.Ed given a line-item veto on Presidential rhetoric.

2.Immediate amnesty for Ed's mother, a political prisoner of right-wing mailing lists....

-Veronica Geng in `Love Trouble Is My Business'

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