Agriculture (rice, cotton, jute, wheat, barley, tea, coffee, sugar cane) employs more than 70 percent of India's labor force. In 1984, women constituted 21 percent of the paid labor force, 90 percent in agriculture and the rest spread evenly through manufacturing, education, and health care. About 5 percent of elected government officials are women. Area in square miles: 1.3 million (US: 3.6 million). Total population: 817 million (US: 240 million). Population/square mile: 644 (US: 68). Per capita GNP: $270 (US: $17,500). Mortality rate for children under 5 years: 152/1,000 (US: 13/1,000). Fertility rate: 4.3 children/woman (US: 1.8). Percentage of infants with low birth weight: 30 (US: 7). Percentage of children under 5 with malnutrition: 38. Percentage of literate adults male/female: 57/29. Life expectancy at birth: 59 years (US: 76). Percentage of population in urban areas: 27 (US: 74).

Sources: The Population Reference Bureau; UNICEF; Political Handbook of the World (1987).

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