1. Each player on the winning team receives: a. $36,000 b. $17,000 and a new car c. $23,000 d. A new car 2.Never won a Super Bowl: a. New York Giants b. Kansas City Chiefs c. Minnesota Vikings d. Baltimore Colts 3.Losers by 36 points, biggest margin ever: a. New England Patriots b. Denver Broncos c. Kansas City Chiefs d. Philadelphia Eagles 4.TV audience this year (est.): a. 1 billion b. 100 million c. 50 million d. 30 million 5.The biggest Super Bowl ring on record was given to Lawrence Pillers of San Francisco. It has an inside circumference of nearly: a. 2.5 inches b. 3 inches c. 3.5 inches d. 4 inches 6.The only four-time Super Bowl winner: a. Miami Dolphins b. Green Bay Packers c. Oakland/LA Raiders d. Pittsburgh Steelers 7.The winning team is awarded: a. Rozelle Cup b. Lombardi Trophy c. Maxwell Award d. Davis Cup ANSWERS: 1. a; 2. c; 3. a; 4. b; 5. d; 6. d.; 7. b.

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