Canadian independence

The editorial cartoon Nov. 23, following the Canadian federal election, shows reelected Prime Minister Brian Mulroney sweeping away the border between Canada and the United States. The cartoon represents a typical attitude on the part of Americans, at least as perceived by Canadians. That is: ignorance of the world outside their borders, compounded by the presumption that they can pursue their own interests in foreign affairs with manifest destiny. The Monitor's campaign coverage correctly showed that most Canadians have absolutely no desire to eliminate the US-Canada border in regard to social, educational, or political matters - even most economic matters outside the main election issue of free trade.

I supported free trade, but I would resist any other hint of union with the US. And that is one of the few things you will find most Canadians agree on. Brian Zavitz Toronto

Regarding the article ``Canada: thumbs up to free trade,'' Nov. 23: Although a careful reading of the entire article reveals all the essential facts, anyone reading only the headline or its first paragraphs would get a false impression of Canada's response to the free-trade issue. With a voter turnout of less than 75 percent, the Conservatives' 43 percent of the popular vote means that no more than one-third of Canadians even supported that party - and that does not mean that all of them favored the ``free'' trade deal. A free vote on the subject, rather than one hanging on the coattails of electing a government, would undoubtedly have had a different effect.

It is unfortunate that your generally excellent paper should provide such a misleading headline. A.J. Erskine Sackville, New Brunswick

Mental gymnastics The article ``Mental exercise,'' Nov. 22, on sports psychologists, points out that beyond physical preparation for sports is a ``new frontier, which will allow you to achieve new levels of performance'' - the mind.

Why focus only on athletes? The benefits described are available to everyone who is willing to act on this knowledge. We can all be mental athletes anytime we choose. It's become my favorite form of gymnastics! Harriet Kofalk Los Angeles

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