Hodgepodge dilly-dally. Hurdy-gurdy

Hodgepodge dilly-dally wishy-washy flipflop pellmell shilly-shally

helter-skelter tiptop....

Crisscross fiddle-faddle roly-poly wigwag

hobnob diddle-daddle

razzle-dazzle zigzag....

Mishmash willy-nilly hocus-pocus jimjam

riffraff silly-billy

hanky-panky flimflam....

Knickknack nitty-gritty harum-scarum heehaw

humdrum itty-bitty

hurry-scurry seesaw....

Shipshape dingle-dangle fuddy-duddy dingdong

chitchat jingle-jangle

pitter-patter pingpong....

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