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CITIZENS BAND (1977. Directed by Jonathan Demme. Paramount Home Video) - A working-class comedy with a CB-radio theme. Paramount Pictures tried everything to make this picture a hit when it first came out, even changing the title to ``Handle With Care'' and showing it free in Manhattan for a few days to get word-of-mouth going for it. Nothing worked, and the movie soon vanished from the scene. It works reasonably well in its video version, though. The project was a low-budget quickie to begin with, and the performances by Paul Le Mat and Candy Clark, among others, are agreeably unpretentious. Demme's visual intelligence peeks through now and then, as well, and it's easy to spot the fascination with tacky Americana that courses through such later Demme pictures as ``Something Wild'' and ``Married to the Mob.'' Beware a bit of middle-'70s vulgarity, however. FOR ME AND MY GAL (1942. Directed by Busby Berkeley. MGM/UA Home Video) - Gene Kelly made his screen debut opposite Judy Garland in this musical, and he does a fairly good job with the peculiar character he has to play: a small-time vaudevillian so selfish that he'll do anything to ``play the Palace,'' even self-inflicting an injury when World War II breaks out and he's drafted. Although the picture is typically lavish for an Arthur Freed production, Busby Berkeley's song-and-dance numbers are unusually intimate. Add some cheering songs, including the title tune, and you have a minor but attractive package.

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