THE MINNEAPOLIS SCULPTURE GARDEN at the Walker Art Center will be inaugurated tomorrow. The $12 million garden houses important examples of 20th-century American and European sculpture, and is a joint project of the art center and the city's park and recreation board. Admission to the garden is free. THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGE opens tomorrow in the New York borough of Queens. Part of the Kaufman-Astoria Studios, it celebrates the art, history, and technology of film and television in a three-story, $15 million setting. HOUSTON BALLET enjoyed its 15th consecutive year of deficit-free operations. The Texas company reported a surplus of $1,500 on the total budget of $7.5 million. Attendance grew at a 44 percent rate, and there was an 11 percent growth rate in the subscriber base. Eleven new productions were mounted. MICHAEL JACKSON says he'll quit live performing after his world tour and devote his time to films and recording. His last performance will be in Liverpool, England, on Sunday, and is intended as a tribute to the Beatles, whom Jackson calls ``rock's four greatest songwriters.''

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