Following Karen Blixen into Africa

If you are one of the filmgoers who would like to have the experience of walking in the footsteps of Karen Blixen, the author of ``Out of Africa,'' this trip might just be for you. Plantagenet Tours is offering a tour based on Blixen's autobiography, which will feature Copenhagen and other Danish localities where Blixen lived, continuing on to sites in Kenya to see her home and the territory about which she wrote. The Karen Blixen Tour to Denmark and Africa will be held between Jan. 6 and 27, 1989.

Plantagenet's premise in planning trips is that ``the interest of a travel experience is the result not of what is objectively experienced, but rather of the context in which it is experienced.'' Hence, they take travelers into various well-known destinations and make the experience new by showing the area in a specific context of experiences of the past in art or history.

Plantagenet is planning several thematic tours for 1989. Among them will be the Isabella Tour to Medieval Andalusia March 15-26; the Diane de Poitiers Tour to the Royal Loire Castles April 30-May 12; and the Joan of Arc Tour from Lorraine to Normandy May 27-June 4.

For details on next year's tours or for ones offered later in 1988, call Peter Gravgaard, Plantagenet Tours, 85 The Grove, Moordown, Bournemouth BH9 2TY, England. Or, call toll free in the United States 800-521-4556.

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