Highlights of the 1988 Democratic platform

Employment A minimum wage indexed to inflation.

Protection of social security against ``emasculation and privatization.''

A program of voluntary, national public service.

Pay equity for women.

Major increases in spending for child care.

Halting unproductive takeovers, monopolistic mergers, insider trading, and golden parachutes.

Advanced notice of plant closings and layoffs.


Increased training in math, science, and engineering.

Expanded pre-school education.

New, federal investments in life-long education and training.

Expanded support for bilingual education.

An aggressive campaign to end illiteracy.


Appointment of a ``national drug czar.''

Opposition to legalizing drugs.

Strengthen the Coast Guard and Customs Service.

Civil rights

Support for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Support for ``freedom of reproductive choice'' [abortion] ``regardless of ability to pay.''

Opposition to ``English-only'' movements.


Assistance for first-time home buyers.

Increased public and subsidized housing.

Use of pension funds to finance housing.

Medical care

Access to affordable, comprehensive health services for all Americans.

Increased support for AIDS research, treatment, education, and prevention.

Energy; environment

Encourage use of natural gas and coal reserves.

Develop clean-coal technology to fight acid rain.

Reduce reliance on nuclear power.

Aggressive enforcement of toxic waste laws.

Regular world summits on the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, and destruction of tropical forests.


Return of federally held, foreclosed lands to farmers.

Expanded federal support for rural health care, housing, education, and infrastructure.


Less emphasis on new weapons; more emphasis on readiness and mobility.

``More stable'' defense budgets.

Greater reliance on allies to share costs.

Ban on all chemical and space weapons.

Halt of all nuclear weapons testing.

Foreign policy

Support for the Camp David accords and the Arias peace plan in Central America.

Declaration that South Africa is a terrorist state.

Impose comprehensive sanctions against South Africa's economy.

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