Shultz China talks: Cambodia and missile sales

International efforts to bring peace to Cambodia was a focal point of talks between United States Secretary of State George Shultz and Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen in Peking Thursday, Chinese officials said. Mr. Shultz, who began a two-day visit here yesterday, was expected to question Chinese leaders on their recent proposal for freezing all military forces in Cambodia as Vietnamese troops withdraw and a new coalition government is formed.

The plan, put forward by the Foreign Ministry, addressed concerns among the US and other noncommunist nations that the proposed Vietnamese exodus could enable the strongest Cambodian resistance faction - the Chinese-backed Khmer Rouge - to regain control.

The communist Khmer Rouge carried out genocide in Cambodia from 1975 until its ouster by Vietnam in 1978. China is the main arms supplier to the tripartite Cambodian resistance coalition.

Shultz was also expected to raise US concerns over Peking's missile sales to Middle East nations. China has refuted allegations that it is exporting medium-range M-9 missiles to Syria.

The US condemned Peking last year for selling Silkworm missiles to Iran. The Chinese denied the charge, while agreeing to act to prevent more Silkworms from reaching Iran.

Washington has also voiced strong reservations about China's transfer of CSS-2 medium-range missiles to Saudia Arabia. Peking has asserted that the CSS-2s are for defensive use and will not be fitted with nuclear warheads.

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