Kan's China tour previewed

Journey Through a Changing China Syndicated throughout June, check local listings for day, time, and channel. Executive producers: Yue-Sai Kan and Alvin E. Perlmutter. Yue-Sai Kan, host of Chinese TV's ``One World'' and American cable TV's ``Looking East,'' takes audiences on an exciting and enlightening journey to the middle of the new China in this syndicated one-hour special.

Miss Kan acts as a host/guide, opening doors to places most of us have only read about. Her tour focuses on the social, economic, and cultural changes being wrought by China's own version of glasnost, kai feng.

Kan visits her hometown, beautiful Guilin; shows us Heilongjiang on the Soviet border; and visits the home of the late Chairman Mao. We also see many of the traditional tourist sights of China, as well as life in today's rural areas. Viewers get some inkling of the changes being wrought by the influence of modern Western society on contemporary Chinese culture.

Underwritten by American Express, this syndicated program gingerly avoids the pitfalls of pomposity which often mar such programming. Instead, we are treated to a delightful deluxe tour, led by a charming, exotic, and knowledgeable guide.

Tune in, and save about $5,000, which would be the price of such a tour on your own.

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