Roundup of Tuesday's voting

Gov. Michael Dukakis Tuesday swept to primary triumphs in New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana, and California. In New Jersey, Mr. Dukakis rolled up 63 percent of the vote, to 33 percent for Jesse Jackson. Dukakis won in New Mexico by 61 percent to 28 percent, and in Montana by 69 percent to 22 percent. Incomplete returns from California showed Dukakis winning some 61 percent of the vote, to 35 percent for Mr. Jackson.

In other voting, California citizens approved ballot initiatives limiting campaign contributions in state races, establishing a $776 million trust fund to buy park land, granting the troubled Rancho Seco nuclear power plant an 18-month trial run, and clamping down on the rate of growth in crowded Orange County.

But the voters rejected measures that would have changed state spending limits under California's 1979 Proposition 13, shut down the Rancho Seco plant, and authorized a $1 billion bond offering to fund highway construction and improvement.

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