Reagan's post-summit address

Below are excerpts of an address given by President Reagan June 3 before the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London: This [INF] treaty, last month's development in Afghanistan, the changes we see in the Soviet Union, these are momentous events. Not conclusive, but momentous....

As I never tire of saying, nations do not distrust each other because they are armed. They are armed because they distrust each other. So, equally important items on the agenda dealt with critical issues like regional conflicts, human rights, and bilateral exchanges....

In all aspects of Soviet life, the talk is of progress toward democratic reform. In the economy, in political institutions, in religious, social, and artistic life....

To those of us familiar with the postwar era, all of this is cause for shaking the head in wonder. Imagine, the president of the United States and the general secretary of the Soviet Union walking together in Red Square, talking about a growing personal friendship and meeting together average citizens, realizing how much our people have in common. It was a special moment in a week of special moments.... My personal impression of Mr. Gorbachev is that he is a serious man, seeking serious reform. I pray that the hand of the Lord will be on the Soviet people.... -As reported by the Associated Press

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