A selection of new releases for sale or rental MAGICK LANTERN CYCLE, VOL. 3 (1949-1965. Directed by Kenneth Anger. Mystic Fire Video) - Back in the mid-60s, when it was new, you could get arrested for showing ``Scorpio Rising'' in some states. The problem was a few seconds of male nudity that might earn an R rating nowadays. In more important respects, there's still a lot of cinematic power to this impressionistic portrait of a New York City motorcycle gang and the ridiculous, self-destructive antics of its young members. Filmed in 1963 and highly respected in experimental-film circles, it makes a strong finale to the third volume of Anger's collected work and reminds us that Anger was almost 25 years ahead of David Lynch in giving the pop song ``Blue Velvet'' a new and sinister subtext. Also included in the cassette are ``Kustom Kar Kommandos,'' a brief 1965 study of a man obsessed with his automobile, and ``Puce Moment,'' a 1949 evocation of old Hollywood in the person of a self-consciously glamorous movie star. - David Sterritt OUR GANG (1926. Produced by Hal Roach. Video Yesteryear) - These early ``Our Gang'' comedies date from the silent-film era, before the series hit its full stride in the age of talkies. But there are some inventive gags and action-filled scenes on this cassette, which features Joe Cobb and Allen (Farina) Hoskins along with less memorable members of the group. ``Thundering Fleas'' is the more unusual of the two movies, with animated sequences that simulate the diminutive stars of a trained-insect circus. Look for brief appearances by Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chase, among other noteworthy grown-ups in the cast. ``Shivering Spooks'' pits the gang against one Professor Fleece, who tries to bilk honest folks with a phony spiritualism routine. Both movies are accompanied by suitably corny Rosa Rio organ music and have been transferred to video at the correct mid-'20s projection speed, a rare and welcome occurrence. - D.S. More films now released on video THE LEMON DROP KID (1951. Bob Hope stars as a race track scam artist. Columbia Pictures Home Video.) THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS (1987. Michael J. Fox plays a young business major out to conquer New York. MCA Home Video.)

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