More and better More amounts more kinds Better kinds Old kinds, new kinds. Faulty things, better things, Replacements, bigger things for smaller things, Smaller things for bigger. Old small and old big things. New big and small things. Things made of new stuff Things to put them into And things to take them out of And things to put into them. Things just like things Things entirely different from things. More exclusive things Things more available. Cheaper things, dearer things To do, to have, to give To get, to keep, to use. Things being things

because they are more

of the things

that have always been. Things being things

because they are things

that have never been. New things from old stuff Things that are like old things From stuff that is new. Liking things, having things, Wanting things. Go things, stay things, Must things, musn't things - Spending for, profiting from, Having, depending upon things Things, things, things Stuff, stuff Using Up.

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