Redwoods on Wall Street?

We would like to thank the Monitor for the article ``California redwoods embattled anew,'' Nov. 18. From the local standpoint, the Maxaam Group Inc. takeover of Pacific Lumber is an extremely emotional issue.

However, the Monitor's unbiased reporting seems to have placed the issue into perspective.

It is obviously not just an environmental issue, but an issue of insider trading and questionable legality on Wall Street.

With the Monitor's international distribution, we appreciate the fact that people from around the world are being kept abreast of the fate of the planet's oldest and largest living trees. Terry Beckley Executive Director Chamber of Commerce Garberville, Calif.

No sympathy please I take issue with the article ``Feminist leader hits the road to recruit sympathetic candidates,'' Oct. 21.

The use of the word ``sympathetic'' in the headline and ``sympathy'' in the body of the article conjectures the thought of ``feeling sorry for.''

The writer's choice of words may be one of the reasons women have a tougher fight for elective office.

As a woman politician recently reelected to public office, sympathy was not in my vocabulary when I approached a voter to discuss my capabilities, nor will it be.

Eleanor Smeal is going to the right people - those who punch the ballots and pull the levers. These are the masses for whom we speak in county government. These are the people who hold us accountable. These are the people to whom we prove our worth.

This is the grass roots that Ms. Smeal is appealing to, and the ``roots'' are flourishing.

If we can sit at the kitchen table and teach our children their letters and numbers, we can sit at the board table and make decisions on how the school's scholarship fund is to be used.

If we can pass out campaign literature and put up yard signs for a good candidate, we can be that good candidate.

The quotation concerning ``special interest'' as a campaign detriment is accurate.

It is also accurate that ``special purpose'' is an enhancement - to do the greatest good for the most people, be they female or male. Roselia Verhoff Putnam County Auditor Putnam County Ottawa, Ohio

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