A RECORD COLLECTION OF GEORGE GERSHWIN'S WORKS is being released to honor the 50th anniversary of composer's death. The deluxe gift-boxed set, called ``The Gershwin Collection,'' encompasses his first to last published songs with three complete concert works - ``An American in Paris,'' ``Rhapsody in Blue,'' and ``Concerto in F.'' Among the performers are Al Jolson, Ethel Merman, Bob Hope, Julie Andrews, and Ella Fitzgerald. The set is available in record and cassette formats, ordered directly from Teledisc USA, 800-543-5400. PAINTER-SCULPTOR-POET JEAN ARP - a principal force in the growth of modernism - will receive a major retrospective in San Francisco Nov. 19-Jan. 31. ``The Universe of Jean Arp'' is the joint effort of American and European museums - the only time this has been done for the artist - and is the first Arp retrospective in more than 20 years. Among his many contributions, Arp redefined the Cubist relief as an arena for the interaction of forms. His world of semi-organic forms was important to the development of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. IN DEFENSE OF NATIVE AMERICAN ancestral homelands, the Boston Big Mountain Support Group and that city's Harcus Gallery will hold an exhibition and auction that includes some of America's best-known artists. An Indian drum will be played during the show. ``In Defense of Sacred Lands'' begins Nov. 21 and concludes with an auction Dec. 3. Proceeds go to the legal defense of Navajo (Dineh) and Hopi people faced with removal from the land.

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