Under this light, this thousand upon Thousand candlepower, pure glamorous Weightless weight of whiteness, In this place, where grass is Greener, everyone here is Beautiful. And after Innings of cheering and clapping and crying As one, we are what we are - one in what It is to be us here tonight.

``Dewey you're due,

``C'mon baby, top of the order.''

Every billboard, every sign, is worth Memorizing. Change nothing. It is so good to be Stopped in time, here in the Best place we know.

``Blow it right by him,

``High and tight!''

Better than a place we Do not know.

``Atta eye baby!''

``But he wanted it, he's hungry.''

Everyone's someone Worth knowing. We are Praying the names of Our players, this public Family we have together.

``It's gone ...

``Outta the park ...

``That's gone ... yes! yes!''

The crack, the Long-lasting magical arc up into Darkness, the roar. This Cheering's for Summer, for us, For victory.

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