PASTIES A large turnover kind of pastry, filled with diced vegetables and beef. Cornish pasties originated with miners from Britain's Cornwall area, who brought them to Michigan and then to Minnesota's iron mines, where the whole community accepted them. POTICA This pastry of Yugoslav origin is a rolled sweet bread with many layers of very thin pastry filled with walnut, honey, and butter or with other fillings. PULLA Called Finnish biscuit, this is a sweet cardamom-flavored coffee bread made in a braided shape. RIESKA Circles of crusty rye Finnish bread stored traditionally by hanging on a pole that runs through a hole in the middle of each round of bread. HARDTACK Flatter, crunchier, crackerlike bread eaten by all Scandinavians. PORKETTA A traditionally Italian pork roast, boned and flattened, seasoned with fennel, garlic, and black pepper, then rolled, tied, and roasted until very well done, allowing meat to be pulled apart rather than sliced. WILD RICE SAUSAGE Sausage made with northern-grown wild rice and pork or beef, now available for local consumption only from Jim Holmes, master butcher at the Iron Trail Meat Company.

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